In order to ensure that the proper teaching environment may exist for quality pharmacy practice experiences, the following general criteria will be utilized in the selection of pharmacists as preceptors for the advanced pharmacy practice experience.

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Site Selection Requirements image
Site Selection Requirements

 The pharmacist/health care provider/preceptor:

  1. Must be licensed and in good standing in the state where they practice according to the Florida Board of Pharmacy or other health care provider regulatory boards.
  2. Shall be ineligible to serve as a preceptor during any period in which the professional license to practice is revoked, suspended, on probation, or subject to the ongoing disciplinary proceeding.
  3. Must willingly accept the responsibility for the professional guidance and teaching of the student pharmacist.
  4. Must participate in the FAMU CoPPS, IPH orientation and devote time to periodic preceptor training sessions and the instruction of the student pharmacist. This requirement would consist of at least two to three discussion hours per week in addition to supervised learning experiences.
  5. Must have a syllabus for the experience that carries the goals and objectives of the College. Once approved by the instructional site director, this syllabus must be uploaded to the preceptor's Pharm Academic account.
  6. Must provide evidence of a hunger to continue to broaden their professional education by presenting evidence of participation in continuing professional education programs to an extent over minimum requirements for licensure or re-licensure.
  7. Must agree to assist the College of Pharmacy in achieving the educational objectives outlined in this manual and providing a professional environment for the student pharmacist.
  8. The pharmacist must demonstrate an interest in promoting intra-and inter-professional relationships by regular participation in local, state, and national professional organizations; and by collaborating with other health professionals (in institutional settings) in providing rational drug therapy and improved professional experiences for pharmacy and other health professions students.
  9. Is open for practice at least 40 hours per week.
  10. Is free from State Board of Pharmacy, Drug Enforcement Administration, and FDA violations involving penalty for at least five (5) years (except in the case of a pharmacy under new management in which case prior penalties will be disregarded) and does not employ any pharmacist who has been charged and found guilty of violations of any State Board of Pharmacy regulations or those of the Drug Enforcement Administration.
  11. Dispenses an adequate number of prescriptions annually by the nature of the community it serves.
  12. Possess a standard professional reference library, which meets minimum standards set by the Board of Pharmacy and includes both reference texts and the major pharmaceutical journals. All areas of the pharmacy must appear clean, organized, and reflect a professional image.

Before one’s selection, all preceptors will provide the requested data by completing the necessary documentation on the College’s website and the CORE website. There will also be a personal interview conducted by the pharmacy practice center director or the director of experiential programs. Where the pharmacy is not owned by the preceptor applicant, the owner or owner’s representative will also be interviewed to determine whether the preceptor will be provided the latitude for effecting a quality pharmacy practice experience for the student pharmacist in that facility.