Strategic Plan





The vision of the COPPS is to provide excellent pharmaceutical education, research and service activities statewide, nationally and globally in a dynamic health care environment. The primary mission of the COPPS, in concert with that of the university at large, is to prepare students for life-long learning and careers in an evolving profession of pharmacist. The college reinforces its mission through an active role and responsibility in the delivery, outcome and study of pharmaceutical care services it shares with other health care providers. The college is committed to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge through teaching, research and service in a supportive, caring, and ethical environment that enhances the attainment of educational excellence and the highest standards of professional practice; inclusive of medication therapy management services, the advancement of the practice of pharmacy and its contribution to society. The college inculcates cultural sensitivity and diversity through its faculty, student body and patient services.

Strategic Initiative 1: Create a 21st century living and learning collegiate community

  • Goal 1.1: Enhance Access to the College of Pharmacy
  • Goal 1.2: Continuous Enhancement and Assessment of the student experience in the early years.
  • Goal 1.3: Improve academic progression, performance, and graduation rates in the professional program.
  • Goal 1.4: Assess and enhance current degree programs within the college.
  • Goal 1.5: Develop and implement new degree programs based on University priorities.

Strategic Initiative 2: Enable excellence in College processes and procedures

  • Goal 2.1: Improve the effectiveness of the College of Pharmacy operations, practice, procedures, and policies
  • Goal 2.2: Enhance and Assess Employees’ Experiences.
  • Goal 2.3: Enhance and Improve Accountability and Communication Processes.
  • Goal 2.4: Reduce Institutional Risk through Risk Management Assessment and Annual Audit Plans.

Strategic Initiative 3: Develop, enhance, and retain appropriate fiscal, human, technological, research and physical resources to achieve the College’s mission

  • Goal 3.1: To provide stewardship, accountability and optimization of state appropriated resources
  • Goal 3.2: Retain and recruit excellent and diverse faculty, staff and students.
  • Goal 3.3: Strengthen the institutions cyber infrastructure and provide cost effective technology resources that enable high usability and efficiency.
  • Goal 3.4: Enhance visibility and productivity as a Doctoral/Research University. 
  • Goal 3.5: Maintain and enhance functional, culturally relevant, sustainable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing campus facilities, infrastructure, and resources.

Strategic Initiative 4: Enable excellence in College Relations and Development

  • Goal 4.1: Enhance Fundraising
  • Goal 4.2: Enhance the services provided to local, state and national communities.


Strategic Initiative 5: Enhance and sustain an academic and social environment, promoting internationalization and multiculturalism

  • Goal 5.1: Produce diverse and culturally astute graduates for the global workforce.
  • Goal 5.2: Enhance International Initiatives and Programs.


Strategic Initiative 6: Develop and promote specific requisites for Academic and Professional expansion within the College

  • Goal 6.1: Improve, Upgrade and Increase Facilities
  • Goal 6.2: Pharmacy Practice sites.
  • Goal 6.3: Transition of the Institute of Public Health to an autonomous School of Public Health.