Office of Experiential Programs

The Office of Experiential Programs coordinates experiential learning programs for all pharmacy practice centers for IPPE and APPE experiences in the College. The directors and the staff for each pharmacy practice center report to the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. As a team, all these individuals work cooperatively to administer and evaluate the experiential learning experiences for the College.


Office of Experiential Programs
Office of Experiential Programs


  • Executing and maintaining up-to-date affiliation agreements.
  • Initiating background checks and immunizations for all students before experiential training in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs and the Dean of the College.
  • Serving as the contact for the pharmaceutical industry and specialized corporate experiences to flow information to the directors.


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IPPE is defined as practice experiences offered in various practice environments during the early sequencing of the pharmacy curriculum to provide transitional experiential activities and active learning.

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The APPE curriculum comprises a variety of required and elective experiences, which are of the scope, intensity, and duration to support the educational outcomes created to prepare practice-ready graduates.

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Information and resources for current and prospective preceptors.

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News and updates for the preceptors of the College.



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Directors at each location schedule training experiences for learners enrolled in their respective pharmacy practice centers, and questions relative to learner placement, performance, and other issues should first be directed specifically to those individuals:

Name Email Phone
Mildred Brickler, DPT
Director of Experiential Education (850) 599-3586
Patty Ghazvini, PharmD, BCGP
Tallahassee Campus (850) 599-3636
Frank Emanuel, PharmD, FASHP
Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center (904) 391-3901
Nathan Eraikhuemen, PharmD
South Florida Pharmacy Practice Center (954) 376-6140
Charlie Colquitt, PharmD
Central Florida Pharmacy Practice Center (813) 975-6500
Margareth Larose-Pierre, PharmD
Durell Peaden Jr. Rural Pharmacy  Education Campus (850) 689-7915