Preceptors play a crucial role in our Experiential Programs.  As pharmacist preceptors, you serve as mentors and role models who uphold strong professional standards.


Preceptor Information
Preceptor Information



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Experiential Faculty Partner Program

Preceptors who submit the required credentials (preceptor profile, CV, proof of licensure, and syllabus) and the required Human Resources documentation (located in your CORE account in the “My Requirements” tab) are eligible for consideration in this Program. 

As an Experiential Faculty Partner, you will receive:

  1. A faculty appointment to be awarded once the required credentials are vetted by the College and the University’s Human Resources Department.
  2. This appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor position will be offered by the University’s Office of the Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  3. A University identification card, Rattlercard, which will give you access to some of the benefits mentioned below.


Benefits of this appointment will include:

  • A formal faculty appointment letter will provide immediate recognition as a member of our distinguished faculty.
  • A certificate of recognition of your appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health will be issued.
  • A 25% discount on continuing education courses offered by the College (Code 0011).
  • Enterprise car rental and hotel discounts.
  • Access to online preceptor development courses.
  • Access to library resources by using your Rattlercard.



Click below for the syllabus templates: 

  • Advanced Hospital
  • Advanced Community
  • Ambulatory
  • Elective
  • General Medicine
  • IPPE Community
  • IPPE Institutional
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
2021 – 2022  Calendar:
  Start End 
Block 1  05/10/2021 6/18/2021
Block 2 6/21/2021 7/30/2021
Block 3  8/02/2021 9/10/2021
Block 4  9/13/2021 10/22/2021
Block 5 10/25/2021 12/03/2021
Block 6  01/03/2021 02/11/2021
Block 7  02/14/2022 03/25/2021
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
Summer 2021 Calendar:


  Start End 
Block 1  5/17/2021 6/11/2021
Block 2 6/14/2021 7/09/2021
Block 3  7/12/2021 8/06/2021



Requirements and Application for Preceptor Faculty


If you are interested in developing a pharmacy practice experience site for our learners or if you are an existing preceptor with questions, please contact the Office of Experiential Education Programs.

Name Email Phone
Mildred Brickler, DPT

Director & Coordinator of Experiential Education Programs (850) 599-3586
Sharon White, R.Ph. 
CORE Account Assistance  (904) 391-3905