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Satyanarayan Dev, Ph.D.
Satyanarayan Dev, Ph.D.

Dr. Satyanarayan Dev is an Assistant Professor in the Biological Systems Engineering Program at the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences in Florida A&M University (FAMU)and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at the FAMU_FSU Joint College of Engineering. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in 2007 and 2010 respectively from McGill University with an interdisciplinary background in biological engineering, food science, microbiology, and food engineering. His research interests are in bioenergy, food safety, pathogen detection, nutraceuticals, and functional foods. His research projects have focused on bioenergy, bioprocessing, process optimization, modeling and simulation of processing operations, electromagnetic equipment design for food, and bioprocessing focusing on food safety, value addition, nutritional quality, sustainable cold chain, thermo as well as the biochemical conversion of biomass, among others.

He has recently been involved in research projects dealing with the equipment design such as:
  1. Design and scale-up of bioprocess equipment for sustainable energy systems.
  2. Optimization and scale-up using electro-technology for sustainable refrigeration systems.
  3. Pasteurization of in-shell eggs.
  4. Electrolyzed oxidizing water for clean-in-place food safety applications.
  5. Assessment of nutritional quality processed using conventional and non-conventional techniques.
  6. Design heat treatment apparatus for enhancing the quality and extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables using Computational Fluid Dynamics Approaches.
  7. Novel pretreatments for drying.
  8. Microwave-assisted thermochemical conversion of biomass.
  9. Fuzzy Logic Indicator-based Modeling Approach for forest biomass harvesting.
  10. Biosensors for defense and space application.
Recent Awards
  1. AE50 Most Innovative Product of the Year 2019 Award American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for Microwave Raw Food Pasteurizer.
  2. Young Engineer of the Year Award from the Canadian Society of Bioengineering (CSBE) at the 2018 Meeting, Guelph, ON, Canada, July 22-25, 2018.
  3. Outstanding Young Researcher Award from the Florida Section of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) at the 2017 Meeting, Jupiter, FL, USA, June 21-24, 2017.
  4. Superior Paper Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, ASABE Annual International Meeting 2014, Montreal, Canada, 13-16 July 2014.