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The FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health operates four not-for-profit community pharmacies in Tallahassee. Each pharmacy provides dual benefits: providing an innovative and unique experience for pharmacy students and improving access to pharmacy and health care services for members of our local community.


FAMU Health Dept. Pharmacy at Orange Ave. Dr. Tammi Harris and student pharmacist.
FAMU Health Dept. Pharmacy at Orange Ave. Dr. Tammi Harris and student pharmacist.

Our pharmacies provide care for the medically underserved, and community partners that service within indigent health clinics. Our inpatient institutional pharmacy services behavioral health inpatients, and outpatients. The College also operates the campus pharmacy, which is housed in the Center for Access and Student Success (CASS) building.

"FAMU CoPPS-IPH is filling the gaps in "Pharmacy Deserts" in our local community by promoting education, research, and fulfilling community service."
Gervin Robertson, PharmD, MBA, MHA 
Division Director of Pharmacy Services



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The FAMU Student Health Service (SHS) is dedicated to promoting optimal health care in our student population, with an emphasis on disease prevention. The SHS pharmacy is operated by the College. Students may obtain a prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as various health and beauty aids. The SHS Pharmacy is licensed as a modified institutional pharmacy to support the pharmacy needs of the licensed practitioners and professionals of the Outpatient Student Health Clinic.

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For over half a century, Apalachee Center has been dedicated to helping the individuals and families of North Florida succeed in recovering from emotional, psychiatric, and substance abuse crises. The College provides inpatient service for the following: PATH (Positive Alternative to Hospitalization) Crisis Stabilization Unit, the Eastside Psychiatric Hospital, the Primary Care Center Detox Unit, and the Short-Term Residential Program.


These FAMU full-service community licensed pharmacies are open to the general public. Their role is to provide pharmacy services to individuals with indigent backgrounds in conjunction with the support of the Leon County Community Health Partners Alliance. The pharmacies work with those individual patients seeing practitioners at the federally qualified, Neighborhood Medical Center, which clinics reside on both pharmacy premises.



Name Title

Ancil Carruthers, PharmD

Director, Community Pharmacy Services:

Richardson-Lewis Health Center – FAMU CoPPS Pharmacy

Brittany Young, PharmD

Neighborhood Medical Center,  Brevard St. - FAMU CoPPS Pharmacy

CC Cunningham II, BS, RPh

FAMU Student Health Services, Pharmacy

Roberta Halley, PharmD

Apalachee Center