Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center


The Florida A&M University Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center (NFPPC), located in Jacksonville, Florida, has been educating student pharmacists and contributing to the city's health needs since 2001.

P4 Learners and NFPPC Faculty member with Dr. Cameron Webb, COVID-19 Sr. Policy Advisor for the Biden Administration

Formally known as the Jacksonville Instructional Site. In the summer of 2020, the FAMU Board of Trustees, at the recommendation of Dr. Johnnie L. Early, II, Dean of the CoPPS, IPH approved the Jacksonville Instructional Site renaming to the "Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center." The name change from instructional site to a pharmacy practice center was recommended to encapsulate the primary location and focus of the facility. 

The NFPPC has a long-standing residency partnership with the Florida Department of Health-Duval (FDOH-Duval).  The FDOH-Duval is the NFPPC's dedicated instructional site for training Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Learners (IPPE) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Learners(APPE). This partnership has made a definitive impact on the clinical growth of hundreds of FAMU, CoPPS, IPH Doctor of Pharmacy Candidates. It has also been a staple in the Duval County community for ambulatory care, HIV/AIDS, and the general care of the underserved. 

The FAMU Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center is a pharmacy practice center:

With a stellar cohort of full-time faculty members that includes practitioners who are excellent role models and board-certified in ambulatory care, geriatrics, and general pharmacotherapy. These faculty, along with other equally qualified outside preceptors, provide the requisite training our student pharmacists need to graduate and sit for the national board examination,

  • Where student pharmacists can gain exposure to practitioners who care for patients with Women's Health issues precepted by a pharmacist who is also a Board-Certified obstetrician/gynecologist,
  • Where student pharmacists can gain insight and learn pharmacist involvement in clinical drug trials precepted by a team of pharmacists at the East Coast Institute for Clinical Research,
  • Where student pharmacists have the opportunity to participate in clerkship rotations and cutting-edge pharmacy practice at the nationally renowned Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville,
  • Where student pharmacists share and learn in a private practice office environment with a pediatrician,
  • Where student pharmacists can engage the community by participating in "Brown Bag" educational lunches and providing drug information at health fairs,
  • Where student pharmacists participate and practice with other healthcare providers at a regional Methadone Detox Clinic.

Northeast Florida is an exciting place to be, not only for its scenic beaches, river, and sporting events, but it is also exciting to be a student learner with the opportunity to receive an innovative pharmacy experience in a "state of the art" practice environment.

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Northeast Florida Pharmacy Practice Center:
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