Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Learners Gain Summer Internships and Mentorships

July 01, 2022
Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Learners
Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Learners (Inkoom, Arthur, and Ferguson)

Outstanding opportunities present themselves to three graduate learners in pharmaceutical sciences over the summer of 2022.

Andrianna Inkoom

Fourth-year Ph.D.  candidate, Andrianna Inkoom, has been chosen for an internship with Merck's Westpoint campus' Global Digital Analytical and Technology Team. The internship for Ms. Inkoom will last from May 23 to August 23, 2022.

Peggy Arthur

Peggy Arthur, a 4th-year Ph.D. candidate, has begun her summer internship in Oral Formulations at Merck in Rahway, N.J. Ms. Arthur will intern from June 6 until December 9, 2022.

Dominique Ferguson

From June to August 2022, Dominique Ferguson, a 4th-year Ph.D. candidate, will start an internship in clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Additionally, Ms. Ferguson has been chosen as a 2022 Biotech Scholar for the Scientist Mentoring and Diversity Program (SMDP). She will participate in a five-day mentoring session through this program, where she will be paired with industry mentors working in the medical technology, biotechnology, and consumer healthcare sectors. She will receive career development coaching and information about career prospects.