FAMU/BMS Welcomes the 2022 Resident Cohort

February 17, 2022
FAMU/BMS 2022 Resident Cohort
FAMU/BMS 2022 Resident Cohort

Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science, Institute of Public Health (FAMU CoPPS, IPH), welcomes two new residents. Avery L. Edwards, PharmD, from Bakersfield, California, and Imani Carpenter, PharmD from Fairfax, Virginia, will further their postgraduate pharmacy training with the FAMU/Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) partnership. 

This pharmaceutical industry residency program was founded in 2009 as a partnership between FAMU and Bristol-Myers Squibb. The vision of the residency is to attract and develop a diverse group of talented pharmacists who bring clinical expertise, innovative ideas, and dedication to improving patient outcomes. The program provides a two-year residency in the therapeutic area of oncology. This residency will provide the residents with a unique experience that bridges the gap between clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry.

“We initially screened over 18 potential applicants and selected the top eight candidates, said Nathaniel E. Eraikhuemen, PharmD, Division Director & Associate Professor at the South Florida Pharmacy Practice Center. “The eight applicants were interviewed on Zoom spanning over four days before arriving at these two most qualified candidates.”

Meet Avery L. Edwards, PharmD:

Dr. Avery L. Edwards, from Bakersfield, California, is a first-year resident with the FAMU/BMS Residency Program. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy in New Orleans. LA.

What drew you to the FAMU/BMS residency program? 

I was drawn to the people of the FAMU/BMS program. I had the opportunity to meet some of the FAMU/BMS alumni while doing an APPE rotation at BMS, and all of them were so passionate, encouraging, and helpful. I knew that I would feel comfortable learning and growing in this environment. They represented the program very well and made me want to be a part of it!

What are you looking forward to during your residency? 

This is a very dynamic program, so I’m looking forward most to the variety of new experiences that are bound to come with it—meeting new people, living in new places, and challenging myself.

Meet Imani Carpenter, PharmD:

Dr. Imani Carpenter, from Fairfax, Virginia, is a first-year resident with the FAMU/BMS Residency Program. She earned her Doctor of Pharmacy from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia.

What drew you to the FAMU/BMS residency program?

Initially, I was drawn to the FAMU/BMS residency program because it is the only program of its kind that provides a clinical residency followed by an industry fellowship. I was searching for a program like this because I wanted an opportunity to strengthen my clinical skills before moving into the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, my interactions with current residents, alumni, and faculty further drew me to the sense of community and caring network. I knew this program would provide me with the tools to be successful and the support I was looking for. 

What are you looking forward to during your residency? 

I am excited to start working with patients and learning how to best help them live healthy lives. I am also looking forward to working with students and being a part of their journey to becoming pharmacists. Finally, I can’t wait to meet my ‘FAMULY’ and build lifelong relationships.  

To learn more about FAMU/BMS postgraduate training, visit:  https://bit.ly/3RBGwR8