Apothecary Board of Advisors Hold Fall 2021 Meeting

September 22, 2021
Apothecary Board of Advisors
Apothecary Board of Advisors Hold Fall 2021 Meeting

The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health recently held its 3rd Apothecary Board of Advisors meeting. This biannual two-day meeting took place on September 9th and 10th.


The mission of the Apothecary Board of Advisors is to provide developmental support for the College. The Board also assists the Dean and senior leaders in strategic planning, implementation of short and long-term goals, suggesting innovative PharmD curriculum revisions, designing inter-professional educational goals and experiences, indicating transformative community outreach and service, recruiting student pharmacists and faculty, and garnering financial support for education, research, and pharmacy practice.


The Apothecary Board members are stakeholders who have demonstrated high commitment to the College through the recruitment of its graduates, support of College initiatives, engagement of persons of influence and affluence on behalf of the College, and/or a member of voluntary pharmacy giving societies. Many of the Apothecary Board members are also, Pharmacy alumni.


During the September meeting, the Apothecary Board members were given an overview by Dean Early regarding the progress of the College. Other topics included Accreditation, Postgraduate Training, Assessment tools used by the College, Interprofessional Education, Fundraising Initiatives, Career Fair, and Student Life.


A roster of the 2020-2022 Apothecary Board of Advisors is listed below.


Name Company Affiliation
Dr. Tangela Adams Florida Blue
Dr. Albert Chester New Town Pharmacy
Dr. Gwenesia Collins Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Dr. Zandra Glenn Pharmacist, Strategic Healthcare Campaign Management
Dr. Clarence Herring Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Dr. Jon Hickman Florida Board of Pharmacy
Dr. Erica Hylick Eli Lilly
Mr. Michael Jackson Florida Pharmacy Association
Dr. Lince Jacob Walgreens
Dr. Jim Kiovisto Halliday’s and Kovisto’s Pharmacy
Dr. Christina Medina CVS
Dr. Jewell Reddick Attorney, Dept of Health and Human Services
Mrs. Cheryl Rouse C&C Community Pharmacy
Dr. John Seay National Diamondback Association
Dr. Laura Williams BMS
Dr. Kendra Woodbury FDA
Dr. Martez Prince Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center
Dr. Kennetth Joseph  
Dr. Welton O’Neal  
Dr. Cynthia Griffin  
Dr. Ozell Hubert