Pharmacy Practice Professor Dr. Wayne Simon Retiring After 43 Years

May 13, 2022
Wayne A. Simon, PharmD
Wayne A. Simon, PharmD

On behalf of the South Florida Pharmacy Practice Center, I wish to inform the College, alumni, and friends of Dr. Wayne Simon’s retirement effective from June 2022.

Dr. Simon is an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice in general medicine. He joined the College in September 1979 after a brief stint with Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York.

With over 43 years of Dr. Simon’s services to the college and university, he trained and mentored many alumni pharmacists, including some faculty. He is our longest-serving faculty in South Florida and one of the founders of the Miami Experiential site - South Florida Pharmacy Practice Center. He taught and mentored countless numbers of Pharmacists and Physicians at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he practiced till 2021.

We are very grateful to Dr. Simon for his meritorious service to the College, the University, and the professional Pharmacy.