The Pharmacy Living-Learning Community

September 22, 2021
Learners: Gabrielle Darbeau (PP2) and Paige Grubbs (PP2)
Learners: Gabrielle Darbeau (PP2) and Paige Grubbs (PP2)

The Pharmacy Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a unique opportunity for pre-professional pharmacy program learners to fully explore their chosen career path, develop as leaders in their class and successfully transition to the college environment.

The Pharmacy LLC is for first-year freshman students who have an interest in pursuing careers in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. It is an opportunity for learners to begin building a network early. Not only do the pre-professional learners live with students of the same discipline and receive support academically, but they are also exposed to a variety of opportunities to connect with professional pharmacy learners, faculty, and staff within the college and across the university.

This year, the Pharmacy LLC consisted of 31 learners with an average GPA of 3.15.

Two learners from the Inaugural Class of the Pharmacy LLC talked about their experience in the LLC and how it helped to develop them in the prepharmacy program. Their testimonies are listed below:

“The Pharmacy LLC had such a positive impact on my freshman year. It allowed me to surround myself with others in my major and provided many opportunities to learn more about different careers I can pursue with a PharmD. Participating in the LLC led to me starting college positively, make long-lasting relationships with my peers, and become a leader. I am forever grateful for my LLC experience.” —Gabrielle Darbeau

“Being in the Pharmacy LLC truly had an impact on my freshman year as a student. I was able to gain access and early insight into the Professional Program, as well as make long lasting relationships with my pre professional pharmacy LLC peers. Our LLC liaison cared about us, and always planned fun and impactful activities for us to do. I will forever be grateful for the experience that the Pharmacy LLC gave me. “- Paige Grubbs