Nichole Jefferson Named University 2020-2021 Advisor of the Year

September 20, 2021
Mrs. Nichole Jefferson
Mrs. Nichole Jefferson awarded the 2020-2021 University Advisor of the Year.

FAMU CoPPS, IPH Coordinator for Academic Support Services, Mrs. Nichole Jefferson, was awarded the 2020-2021 University Advisor of the Year award by the FAMU Faculty Senate Teacher of the Year (TOY) committee.  The Advisor of the Year award is a university-wide award presented in August 2021 during the Faculty, Advisors & Academic Coaches Planning Conference luncheon at the Al Lawson Center.

Mrs. Jefferson, who has been with the College and University for over 20 years, was presented this award by the TOY committee due to her creative and innovative advisement techniques, knowledge, and exhibiting excellence.  The committee also stated that she had established a safe environment to increase student success through dedication, commitment, availability, and helpfulness.

“We are very proud, excited, and honored that one of our own received credit for the outstanding job she has done,” said Debora L Taylor, EdD, interim associate dean of the Office of Student Affairs.

“I was elated when I received the unexpected news that I am the recipient of this prestigious award,” said Mrs. Jefferson. “To be selected out of a group of great advisors across this University is very humbling.  For me, this is one of the highest honors and most significant awards that I could have received because it represents what I am purposed for.”

This award is especially significant because the FAMU and most universities had to adjust to remote operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Jefferson notes her experience advising during this period as “challenging yet rewarding.”   “It was challenging because being thrust into and having to adjust to the unknown was difficult for both the advisors as well as the students.  Our mental health was challenged, as I have never seen before, and this pandemic is still impacting our learners. However, it was an excellent opportunity to be innovative and creative with advising, “said Mrs. Jefferson.