Dr. Askal Ali, awarded PhRMA Grant

September 20, 2021
Dr. Askal Ali
Dr. Askal Ali, awarded PhRMA Grant

PhRMA recently awarded $75,000 through the Collaborative Actions to Reach Equity (CAREs) grant program to fund three initiatives to reduce inequities and improve health outcomes. Our own Assistant Professor in the Division of Economics, Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Askal Ali, Ph.D., was named as one of the three recipients of the grant.

The PhRMA CAREs grant will benefit residents all over the state of Florida. This award will boost FAMU and the College’s recognition as a research institution. It will also help support efforts in implementing meaningful health interventions that address the needs of minority and underserved populations.

To learn more about the grant and all the recipients, visit: https://catalyst.phrma.org/phrma-awards-75000-to-fund-initiatives-to-reduce-health-inequities