FAMU CoPPS IPH and Florida Blue Foundation Program to Increase the Pipeline of Mental Health Professionals

June 06, 2023
FAMU CoPPS, IPH and Florida Blue Foundation Collaboration
FAMU CoPPS, IPH and Florida Blue Foundation Collaboration

In a collaborative effort to address the growing need for mental health professionals, Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Institute of Public Health (FAMU CoPPS, IPH), and the Florida Blue Foundation have launched a groundbreaking program aimed at increasing the pipeline of mental health providers. The program, which will run from July 1, 2023, until July 30, 2025, offers free education and training to healthcare professionals, mental health counselors, and students.

Supported by a generous Florida Blue Foundation grant, this initiative aligns with College’s vision and mission to advance knowledge, tackle complex issues, and empower communities. The program's primary goal is to enhance the lives of the communities served by healthcare providers, promoting inclusivity and catering to individuals of diverse backgrounds, races, ethnic origins, and cultural beliefs. It aims to educate minority populations and provide essential health services to those who are less fortunate.

Open to all healthcare students, including nursing, allied health, public health, and student physicians. The program encompasses a wide range of disciplines. Participants will benefit from comprehensive training and gain invaluable insights into mental health and wellness, mental health hygiene, facts, myths, and deterrents associated with mental health. The curriculum will cover topics such as the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, legal considerations for patients with mental health abnormalities, patient medication education and counseling, referral protocols, psychotherapeutic techniques, child and adolescent mental health issues, stigmatizing language avoidance, and alternative and complementary treatments for mental health conditions.

Leading the program are CoPPS, IPH faculty members, including Peaden Campus Margareth Founding Dean and Director Dr. Margareth Larose-Pierre. Also leading the program are Drs. Leonard Rappa, Chenita Carter, Tammie Johnson, and Kelly O'Dare. In addition, an array of renowned consultants and speakers will contribute their expertise to the program. CoPPS, IPH Executive Director of Information Technology, Mr. Jason Mobley, has been appointed Instructional Course Designer and Online Curriculum Support to ensure a seamless learning experience.

To empower current and future mental health practitioners, the program guarantees top-notch, up-to-date training on various aspects of mental health and wellness. It provides participants with essential knowledge on mental health conditions, suicide prevention, mental health first aid, diagnoses of mental illnesses, mental health medication, LGBTQIA+ care, pediatric mental health, and much more.

This self-paced online course consists of engaging video modules presented by experienced mental health practitioners. Upon completing the modules and assessments, participants will receive certificates to showcase their accomplishments and digital badges for their LinkedIn or social media profiles.

To learn more about the program or check participation eligibility, interested individuals are encouraged to contact Dr. Larose-Pierre at margareth.larose@famu.edu.