Tallahassee Campus Faculty & Staff



  • A. Jeanine Nelson 

    A. Jeanine Nelson 
    Senior Accountant 

  • Aaron Hilliard

    Aaron Hilliard, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Pharmacology/Toxicology

  • Albert Ngo

    Albert N. Ngo, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Science

  • Angela Y. Hodge 

    Angela Y. Hodge 
    Administrative Assistant, BSPS 

  • Anthony Norton

    Anthony Norton
    Coordinator, Office of Student Affairs

  • Arinze Okere, PharmD, M.S., MBA, BCPS, BCCP

    Arinze Okere, PharmD, M.S., MBA, BCPS, BCCP
    Professor, Clinical & Administrative Sciences

  • Askal PharmD

    Askal Ayalew Ali, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, ESAP

  • Bridgette Israel, Ph.D.  

    Bridgette Israel, Ph.D.  
    Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics

  • Bryan Lewis, Ph.D.

    Bryan Lewis, Ph.D.
    Professor, Medicinal Chemistry

  • Cameron Javanmardi, PharmD 

    Cameron Javanmardi, PharmD 
    Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice

  • Charles E. Weaver II, Th.D.

    Charles E. Weaver II, Th.D.
    Coordinator, Student Affairs & Pharmacy Practice

  • Clinton

    Clinton Cunningham III
    Pharmacy Manager, Student health services Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice  

  • Darice

    Darice E. Richard-Mitchell, PharmD
    Director of Experiential Education Programs

  • Debora Taylor, Ed.D.

    Debora Taylor, Ed.D.
    Interim Associate Dean For Student Affairs

  • dekywan

    Dekywan Debose
    Director of Development

  • Earl Wade, M.Ed.

    Earl Wade, M.Ed.
    Coordinator, Ceremonies, Events, and CE

  • Ebenezer Oriaku, Ph.D.

    Ebenezer Oriaku, Ph.D.
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences 

  • Edward Agyare, Ph.D

    Edward Agyare, Ph.D.
    Division Director & Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Eunsook Lee, RPh, Ph.D.

    Eunsook Lee, RPh, Ph.D.
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Faith Maignan

    Faith Maignan, PharmD
    Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

  • Fatimah Sherbeny, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D.

    Fatimah Sherbeny, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, ESAP

  • Gallop P. Franklin II, PharmD

    Gallop P. Franklin II, PharmD
    Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice 

  • Gervin Robertson, PharmD, MBA, MHA

    Gervin Robertson, PharmD, MBA, MHA
    Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

  • Gloria James 

    Gloria James 
    Assistant Director, Academic Support Services Graduate Programs 

  • Hernan Flores-Rozas, Ph.D. 

    Hernan Flores-Rozas, Ph.D. 
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • James L. Moran, Jr., Ph.D.

    James L. Moran, Jr., Ph.D.
    Director, Alumni Engagement

  • Jason Mobley

    Jason Mobley
    Executive Director of Information Technology

  • Jocelyn D. Spates, PharmD, BCPS

    Jocelyn D. Spates, PharmD, BCPS
    Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs & Professor

  • Gallop P. Franklin II, PharmD

    John Cooperwood, Ph.D. 
    Director, Graduate Programs & Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences 

  • johnnie

    Johnnie L. Early II, Ph.D., RPh, Fellow NPhA

  • Karam Soliman, Ph.D.

    Karam Soliman, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean of Research & Innovation, Pharmaceutical sciences

  • Kenyetta Neale 

    Kenyetta Neale 
    Student Affairs Coordinator 

  • Kinfe Ken Redda, Ph.D.

    Kinfe Ken Redda, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus, Medicinal Chemistry 

  • Leola Randolph

    Leola Randolph
    Administrative Assistant, FAMU U54 RCMI Center

  •  Leshi Wyche, M.Ed.

    Leshi Wyche, M.Ed.
    Coordinator, Student Affairs

  • Mandip Sachdeva, Ph.D.

    Mandip Sachdeva, Ph.D.
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Marlon S. Honeywell, PharmD

    Marlon S. Honeywell, PharmD
    Executive Associate Dean & Professor, Pharmacy Practice

  • Matthew Dutton, Ph.D.

    Matthew Dutton, Ph.D.
    Director, Assesment 

  • Maurice Holder, Ph.D.

    Maurice Holder, Ph.D.
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Nazarius Lamango, Ph.D.

    Nazarius Lamango, Ph.D.
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Patty Ghazvini, PharmD, BCGP 

    Patty Ghazvini, PharmD, BCGP 
    Division Director & Professor, Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice 

  • Ramesh

    Ramesh B. Badisa, Ph.D.
    Research Associate, Neuropsychopharmacology

  • Renee Reams, Ph.D.

    Renee Reams, Ph.D.
    Professor, Medicinal Chemistry

  • Rhonda Lloyd

    Rhonda Lloyd
    Administrative Assistant

  • Robert Nesby 

    Robert Nesby 
    Senior Laboratory Technician

  • Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson, PharmD
    Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

  • Sandra Suther, Ph.D.

    Sandra Suther, Ph.D.
    Director & Professor, ESAP

  • Selina

    Selina Darling-Reed, Ph.D.
    Associate Dean & Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Seth, PharmD

    Seth Ablordeppey, Ph.D.
    Eminent Scholar Chair & Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Gallop P. Franklin II, PharmD

    Sharon A. Arradondo, M.Ed.
    Director, Bridges to the Baccalaureate Research Training Program

  • Shirley Garrett

    Shirley Garrett
    Coordinator, Clinical Affairs

  • Soheyla L. Mahdavian-Matthews, PharmD, BCGP, TTS 

    Soheyla L. Mahdavian-Matthews, PharmD, BCGP, TTS 
    Professor, Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice

  • Syreeta L. Tilghman, Ph.D.

    Syreeta L. Tilghman, Ph.D.
    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Tera S. Waldo, Ed.D.

    Tera S. Waldo, Ed.D.
    Coordinator, Student Affairs

  • Tiffany Wilson Ardley, Ph.D.

    Tiffany Wilson Ardley, Ph.D.
    Director, B.S. Pharmaceutical Science Program & Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Tracy A. Womble, Ph.D.

    Tracy A. Womble, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Gallop P. Franklin II, PharmD

    Tracy S. Allen
    Program Assistant Curriculum/Assessment

  • smith

    Ukamaka Dike Smith, PharmD 
    Associate Professor, Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice 

  • Sandra Suther, Ph.D.

    Verretta Young
    Coordinator, Administrative Services

  • Veverly Nelson 

    Veverly Nelson 
    Program Assistant