Nathaniel E. Eraikhuemen, Pharm.D.

Division Director & Associate Professor Davie Instructional Site
PHONE: (954) 376-6140
Nathaniel E. Eraikhuemen, PharmD, serves as Associate Professor, Division Director of the Davie Instructional Site and Program Director of the FAMU/BMS Pharmaceutical Residency. Dr. Eraikhuemen joined the dedicated faculty in the department of pharmacy practice as a visiting Assistant professor. One year later, he continued his career in academia as a tenure earning rank. Under the caring and nurturing milieu at the college, he grew academically and professionally into a seasoned educator and received tenure. Subsequently, he assumed the administrative responsibilities at the Davie instructional site. As a Division Director, Dr. Eraikhuemen values and practice shared governance. He provides leadership for all sanctioned academic, including experiential and post-graduate training programs. His teaching philosophy reflects his interests in collaborative authorship. Instead of the "full frontal teaching" method of large lectures of autocratic seminars, he prefers student-centered teaching that encourages learning by both students and teachers. He favors classroom dynamics that permit dialogue and foster a degree of student input to develop their learning interests and think critically to sustain lifelong learning. Dr. Eraikhuemen utilizes active learning formats- PBL, CBL, TBL, and “flipped” classrooms. Anonymous evaluations by his students over the years have been consistently enthusiastic, stressing my knowledge of the materials, accessibility, and the ability to communicate with a culturally and ethnically diverse student body. Dr. Eraikhuemen will continue to work with faculty and administration to accomplish the vision for the College.

  • B.S., Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise

General Medicine & Cardiology

Research Interest
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics

  • Pharmacodynamics Effects of Drugs in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

  • Effects of Cardiovascular Disease, Age, Sex, Medical Device and Other Drugs On The Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics of Antiarrhythmic Drugs

  • Effects of Pharmaceuticals On Cardiac Electrophysiology

  • Antiarrhythmic Pharmacotherapy Outcomes

Selective Publications
  • Dovena Lazaridis, Nathaniel Eraikhuemen, Kia Williams, Judith Lovince: Treatment of Seizures Associated with Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome: A focus on Cannabidiol Oral Solution.

  • Norwood Daryl, Michel Dovena, Eraikhuemen Nathaniel, Carrion Antonio, The Prevention and Management of Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. US Pharm. 2016, 41(10)37-41.

  • Nathaniel Eraikhuemen, Angela M. Thornton, Evans Branch III, Sandrine T. Huynh, and Candace Farley: Combating Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Resistance: Focus on Etravirine (Intelence) for HIV-1 Infection – P&T Journal 2008;33:(8) 447

  • Amber Bell, Marlon Honeywell, Fran Close, Evans Branch, Nathaniel Eraikhuemen, and Angela Massy: Trospium Chloride in the treatment of Overactive Bladder. P&T July 2004;29(12):767 – 771

  • Leonard Rappa, Margareth Larose-Pierre, Nathaniel E. Eraikhuemen, and Daryl Norwood: Vancomycin Resistance: Means of Prevention, Control, and Treatment Revisited. Formulary October 2004; 39:490 – 504

  • Daryl A. Norwood; Nathaniel E. Eraikhuemen; Margareth Larose-Pierre; Evans Branch III; Rhonda M. Norwood: Advances in the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: A Focus on Tadalafil. Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2004: Vol. 17, No. 4, 239-250