Matthew Dutton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Economic, Social & Administrative Pharmacy
LOCATION: East Wing Pharmacy Building Suite # L1-154F
PHONE: (850) 599-8145
CV: Link to CV
Matthew Dutton, Ph.D., serves as the associate professor of Economic, Social & Administrative Pharmacy. Dr. Dutton believes that statistical analysis can be instrumental in virtually every academic field, yet many people find the subject to be frightening or off-putting. He says the stigma associated with statistics keeps many from learning and using valuable statistical techniques. This lack of understanding can potentially lead to an under-use of evidence-based data analysis methods and unreliable conclusions in the academic and general community. While recognizing the inherent difficulties in the subject matter, his goal as a statistics instructor is to communicate information in such a way that students are not afraid of the material can learn valuable analysis tools and are equipped to use those tools in the future. As an instructor, Dr. Dutton is aware of the different goals and needs of his students; and understands not everyone is destined to be a statistician. Despite differences in backgrounds and research interests, ideas can be communicated in a way that hopefully engages each student with the material. He tries to tailor in-class examples to the needs of the many while recognizing the broad applications of the techniques being discussed. Dr. Dutton’s goal is to help his students understand why specific methods are used, not just rote memorization of a pattern or computer commands. Each new topic should logically build on the previous one to develop an overall picture of statistical analyses. When Dr. Dutton is tapped as a statistical consultant, he is usually part of a larger group who is working to make the given study as right as it possibly can be. Except in certain select situations, his role as a consultant is to provide expertise on a particular element—data collection and analysis. He believes when we work together, our weaknesses are offset by each other’s strengths and the project has a better chance to succeed; when we unnecessarily look out for our interests, the potential for failure increases. Dr. Dutton always tries to foster an environment of healthy communication to help make the team as successful as possible while maintaining statistical rigor and conducting appropriate analyses.


Areas of Expertise


Data analysis


Research Interest
  • Statistics

  • Data Analysis

  • Biostatistics

  • Meta-Analysis

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Latino Health

Selective Publications
  • Kaninjing, E., Rahman, S., Close, F., Pierre, R., Dutton, M., Lamango, N., and Onokpise, O. (2017). Prostate Cancer screening knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs among men in Bamenda, Cameroon. International Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, Vol. 6(4): 339-349.

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