Mandip Sachdeva, PhD

Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences
LOCATION: 1520 MLK Blvd. 021 Dyson Pharmacy Building Tallahassee, FL 32307
PHONE: 850-561-2790
Dr. Sachdeva is a Professor and Section Leader for the Pharmaceutics activity at Florida A&M, College of Pharmacy. He has made significant contributions to the knowledge and understanding in the area of drug delivery with special emphasis in inhalation/aerosol delivery as applied to lung cancer, Triple negative breast cancer and topical delivery of neuropeptides. He has used a multidisciplinary approach of not only delivering novel anticancer agents by inhalation drug delivery but also look into their mechanism of action for newer targets. During the last 20 years, besides developing new approaches for improved drug delivery to the lungs and through the skin, Dr. Sachdeva has identified new molecular pathways and mechanisms for therapeutic agents and nucleic acids intended for the treatment of lung, breast and skin cancer. His work has resulted in over 110 peer reviewed publications and more than 200 presentations in national and international meetings. He is also a fellow of American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists(AAPS). Presently he serves as the Research Core Director for the P20 activity at Florida A&M.