John Cooperwood, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Programs and Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences
LOCATION: East Wing Pharmacy Building Suite # L2-228
PHONE: (850) 599-3110
John Cooperwood, Ph.D., serves as Director of Graduate Programs and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry. Dr. Cooperwood joined FAMU in 2000 as a research professor. His interest is in the development of drugs targeting various biological receptors and enzymes using computational modeling. Using lead compounds as scaffolds to design analogs, we have synthesized numerous compounds with improving activities in the area of breast cancer, some of which are included in US 7,687,486 and 9,193,711 patents.

Areas of Expertise

Design and Synthesis of Molecules

Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interest
  • Design and synthesis of small molecules targeting triple-negative and estrogen-responsive breast cancers and HIV.

Selective Publications
  • Linghui Kong, John S. Cooperwood, Shu-Hui Christine Huang, Chung K. Chu, and F. Douglas Buodinot. (2003) Pharmacokinetic evaluation of 3′-azido-3’deoxyuridine-5–O-valinate-hydrochloride as a prodrug of the anti-HIV nucleoside 3′-azido-2′,3’deoxyuridine. Antivir. Chem. Chemother. 14(5), 263-70.

  • Kwan-kyun Park, Dong-hoo Ko, Zhengqing You, John S. Cooperwood, Jonghan Park, Henry Joung Lee. (2004) Chirality effect of C-20 on metabolism of methyl 11-beta, 17-alpha, 20-trihydroxy-3-oxo-1,4-pregnadien-21-oate derivatives. Steroids 69, 87-91.

  • Musiliyu Musa, Omar Khan, and John S. Cooperwood (2007) Medicinal Chemistry and Emerging Strategies Applied to the Development of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs). Current Medicinal Chemistry 14(11), 1249-1261.

  • Musiliyu A. Musa, John S. Cooperwood and M. Omar Khan (2008) A Review of Coumarin Derivatives in Pharmacotherapy of Breast Cancer. Current Medicinal Chemistry 15, 2664-2679.

  • Musiliyu A. Musa, M. Omar Khan, and John S. Cooperwood (2009) Synthesis and Antiproliferative Activity of Coumarin-Estrogen Conjugates Against Breast Cancer Cell Lines. Letters in Drug Design & Discovery 6, 133-138.

  • Badisa, Ramesh B.; Darling-Reed, Selina F.; Joseph, Patrick; Cooperwood, John S.; Latinwo, Lekan M.; Goodman, Carl B. (2009) Selective cytotoxic activities of two novel synthetic drugs on human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells. Anticancer Research 29(8), 2993-2996.

  • Musa, Musiliyu A.; Khan, M. Omar F.; Cooperwood, John S. (2009) Synthesis and antiproliferative activity of coumarin-estrogen conjugates against breast cancer cell lines. Letters in Drug Design & Discovery 6(2), 133-138.

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