Charlie Colquitt, PharmD

Division Director and Professor Tampa Instructional Site
LOCATION: 3500 E. Fletcher Ave. Suite 133 Tampa, FL 33613
PHONE: 813-975-6500
Charlie Colquitt, PharmD, serves as Division Director and Professor at the Tampa Bay Instructional Site. Dr. Colquitt’s responsibilities include overseeing five faculty and staff members and over 30 six-year pharmacy learners throughout Tampa Bay, Orlando, and surrounding areas. Clinically, he continues to provide patient care through several services at a community health center. Dr. Colquitt has certifications and licensures in Anticoagulation, Medication Therapy Management, Immunizations and Pharmacy Consultation. He is highly active in the community and he has lectured on various disease states and drug-related topics locally and state-wide. Dr. Colquitt has chaired health forums that focus on preventive health and screened thousands of participants over the years. Dr. Colquitt’s goal is to provide therapy management, decrease healthcare disparities and advocate for a healthier lifestyle.

Areas of Expertise  


Diabetes and Obesity

Research Interest
  • Diabetes Management

  • Hypertension Control

  • Preventive Health

  • Medication Adherence

Selective Publications
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