In August 2012, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences had the long-awaited ribbon-cutting ceremony for the grand opening of our facility in Crestview, Florida.

Students enrolled at the Durell Peaden Jr. Education Center range from their First Professional Year (P1) through their Fourth Professional Year (P4). The maximum class size of 30 students is expected per academic class. The center is under the direct supervision of Dr. Margareth Larose-Pierre, Associate Dean and Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Durell Peaden Jr. Education Center  is a distance learning site and the primary mode of didactic instruction and interaction with professors is via telecommunications/videoconferencing.  Students in Crestview are linked via synchronous distance-learning technology and receive didactic instruction simultaneously with Tallahassee students in real time. Although students enrolled in Crestview do not attend classes in Tallahassee, they still have the benefits of tutoring, advising, scholarships, grants and loans afforded to a student who attends the main campus.

Students in Crestview are part of the Tallahassee classroom via video conferencing. This technology allows them to interact with their counterparts in Tallahassee by seeing and hearing everything that goes on in the classroom, (i.e., the professor, students) as well as materials that are presented. This synchronous interaction can be accomplished from both Tallahassee and Crestview, regardless of the origin.  Students enrolled at the Durell Peaden Jr. Education Center must keep in mind that certain challenges associated with distance learning (i.e. lack of in-person communication with the professor) may apply to their educational experience.

Practice experiences in the area are offered throughout the panhandle but especially in the greater Pensacola, Florida area.

For further information contact:

Durell Peaden Jr. Education Center
153 W. Woodruff Avenue
Crestview, FL 32536

Campus Dean: Dr. Margareth Larose-Pierre
Email Address: margareth.larose@famu.edu

Local Law Enforcement Agency: http://www.crestviewpd.org/