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  • Tissue Modeling
  • Bio-Informatics, Statistics and Methodologies


  • Project 1: Disparities in Mitochondrial Peptidomics and Transcriptomics in Prostate Cancer
    Project 1 Team: Pinchas Cohen, MD; Renee Reams, PhD; Li-Ming Su, MD
  • Project 2: Enhancing Efficacy of Gemcitabine Nanoparticles in Pancreatic PDX Models
    Project 2 Team: Edward Agyare, PhD; Jose Trevino, MD; Bo Han PhD
  • Pilot Project: Contributions of Racial Disparity Towards the Early Development of Pancreatic Cancer
    Pilot Project Team: Tom Schmittgen, PhD; Eunsook Lee, PhD; Wendy Setiawan, PhD