LEARNER PROFILE:  Danielle Hudson
09 Mar

LEARNER PROFILE: Danielle Hudson

We ask a number of our Pharmacy and Public Health learners to tell us about their experiences at CoPPS, IPH. Here are their stories:

Danielle Hudson is a current 4th year Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate from Lawrenceville, GA. Ms. Hudson completed a pharmaceutical industry rotation with Vertex Pharmaceuticals virtually in September. In December, she accepted a post-doctoral fellowship position with the Vertex Global Medical Affairs department in Boston, MA. During this 2-year fellowship, she will be working with the medical communications and medical information teams to focus on rare diseases such as cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. Ms. Hudson’s passion is to become a pharmacist who serves the underserved community. This fellowship will help her with her goal. Ms. Hudson’s advice to anyone who wants to obtain a pharmaceutical fellowship is to “network through LinkedIn, and find a mentor or coach that will help you through the entire process”.

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