CoPPS Faculty Published Article on COVID-19
23 Jul

CoPPS Faculty Published Article on COVID-19

Last month, The Phylaxis Journal recently published an article by Marlon Honeywell, PharmD, Executive Associate Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health. The article was entitled, “RESPONDING TO COVID-19: DOING WHAT’S RIGHT OVER WHAT’S EXPEDIENT”.

In their article, Dr. Honeywell refers to the world’s current fight with COVID-19 as war and refers explicitly to battles during World War I and II. He states that “While we are not physically at war with another country, we are currently in the battle of our lives. Nevertheless, we can win if we choose to learn from the inherent and dynamic lessons of World Wars I and II.

Dr. Honeywell also states that “Responsibly correcting the negligent actions of others (exposure to CDC recommendations, donating disinfectants and supplies, wearing and recommending the wear of covers for nose and mouth, etc.) may save the lives of those who come into contact with infected or potentially infected individuals.”

The Phylaxis Journal is a publication for the Prince Hall Masons.

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