CoPPS Faculty Collaborate on Cancer Research
23 Jul

CoPPS Faculty Collaborate on Cancer Research

The scientific journal, “Molecules,” recently published a journal article authored by Dr. Karam Soliman and Dr. Kinfe Redda. The article is named “The Antiproliferative Effects of Flavonoid MAO Inhibitors on Prostate Cancer Cells,” and it is based on their collaborative research work. 

In an earlier study, the research group synthesized a group of compounds, referred to as flavonoids. These compounds also had potent antiviral activities, including the Anti-HIV virus, which was more effective than the common Anti-HIV drug, AZT. Dr. Redda and his research group received a US Patent for discovering the structure and biological activities of some of these flavonoids. 

To make the results more interesting, Dr. Soliman and his research group studied these same compounds. Dr. Soliman’s group concluded that the same flavonoids have a unique combination effect of anticancer and anti-depression. The association between advanced prostate cancer and vulnerability to depression among men is prevalent. Possible main contributors include the frustrating cancer symptoms and the depressive side effects of the current prostate cancer therapies.  

“Fortunately, our studies on these newly discovered flavonoid compounds held a great promise as an alternative therapy for their potent effects as anticancer and anti-depression agents,” said Dr. Redda. “The published results are fascinating.” 

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