FAMU/BMS Welcomes the 2020 Resident Cohort
07 Feb

FAMU/BMS Welcomes the 2020 Resident Cohort

Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Science, Institute of Public Health (FAMU CoPPS, IPH), welcomes two new residents.  Raena D. Rhone, PharmD, from Chicago, IL, and Franko Dickson, PharmD, from Accra, Ghana, will be furthering their postgraduate pharmacy training with the FAMU/Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) partnership. 

This pharmaceutical industry residency program was founded in 2009 as a partnership between FAMU and Bristol-Myers Squibb. The vision of the residency is to attract and develop a diverse group of talented pharmacists who bring clinical expertise, innovative ideas, and dedication to improving patient outcomes. The program provides a two-year residency in the therapeutic area of oncology. This residency will provide the residents with a unique experience that bridges the gap between clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Rhone received a PharmD from the University of North Carolina, Eshelman School of Pharmacy, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  When asked what drew her to the FAMU/BMS residency program, she said, “When pursuing a postgraduate training program, I was looking for three main qualities. First, I wanted to pursue a program that would help me to build my clinical skillset so that I could become an effective Medical Science Liaison (MSL) in the future. While there are MSL fellowships available, having a solid clinical foundation is a key to success in this career path. Second, I wanted to be a part of a program where I would have strong mentors to help guide me on my professional journey. With the FAMU/BMS Residency Program, I am confident that I will not only gain professional mentors in the pharmaceutical industry but will also gain mentors in academia and clinical pharmacy. Finally, after being a Hematology and Oncology intern at the University of North Carolina Cancer Hospital, I am most passionate about serving patients battling cancer. I wanted to gain industry experience at a company that was strong in Oncology and Hematology. With BMS’s recent acquisition of Celgene, I could not have asked for a better company to be a part of.”

Dr. Dickson, who received a PharmD from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona California, said,  “The main thing that drew me to the program was its unique structure. It offers clinical, industrial, and academic experience, a trifecta of experience that no other program offers. These experiences will definitely equip me with the requisite knowledge and skills to forge a successful career as a pharmacist. I am super excited to start and looking forward to meeting the entire FAMU/BMS team. I am also looking forward to the experiences and memories that I am about to make in this program.”

“During the interview process, we had approximately 28 applicants. The two learners chosen did their research. They were excellent,” said Nathaniel E. Eraikhuemen, PharmD, Division Director & Associate Professor at the CoPPS Davie, Florida Instructional Site.

 “I trust they will be very successful in the program. The FAMU/BMS residency is the only pharmacy residency program that compounds both clinical and industry training. We look forward to having this astute cohort of learners.” 

The new cohort will start their pharmaceutical industry residency in June 2020. To learn more about FAMU/BMS postgraduate training, visit  http://pharmacy.famu.edu/residency-brochure.pdf

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