FAMU COPPS-IPH Students Recognized at the NanoFlorida International Conference
16 Jan

FAMU COPPS-IPH Students Recognized at the NanoFlorida International Conference

In November 2019, Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute of Public Health (CoPPS, IPH), attended the 2019 NanoFlorida International Conference at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. 

The NanoFlorida International Conference is a unique event that provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the futuristic applications of Nanotechnology in the clinical and basic pharmaceutical sciences. This year’s theme was “Advances in Translational Nanobiotechnology.” 

The conference provided opportunities for students to network with Florida’s leading academic institutions and the broad nanobiotechnology industry. It offers a platform for collaborative and interdisciplinary research. 

CoPPS Ph.D. students participated in the poster and oral presentations with over 200 poster presenters from various universities across the United States. FAMU CoPPS students were recognized for their exceptional research. The student poster presentation titles include,

  • “3D Printed Tumor Spheroids for Disease Modeling and Chemotherapeutic Drug Screening” by Aragaw Gebeyehu
  • “High-Throughput 3D Printing of Corneal Equivalents” by Shallu Kutlehria
  • “The Anticancer Efficacy of the Combinational Treatment of Docetaxel Loaded Pegylated Liposomes and a Tumor Stromal Disrupting Agent in Lung Cancer” by Peggy Arthur. 

“The Nanoflorida International Conference 2019 was very insightful. I had the opportunity to learn and share ideas with researchers in the field of nanotechnology and drug discovery from different research institutes across the world,” said Pharmaceutics Ph.D. candidate, Peggy Arthur. 

Pharmaceutics Ph.D. candidate, Shallu Kutlehria, said, “Graduate students must attend this conference as it is a huge platform for networking, sharing knowledge about ongoing research and challenges in drug development, and nanotechnology. It is a great opportunity to get new ideas and suggestions from peers”.

CoPPS Ph.D. students, Arthur, Kutlehria, and Gebeyehu, all received certificates of distinction and were recognized on stage for their presentations.

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