College of Pharmacy to Host an Externship for a Leon High School Student
11 Dec

College of Pharmacy to Host an Externship for a Leon High School Student

During the fall semester, FAMU CoPPS – IPH hosted Chauncy Haynes II, a Leon High School senior, who is a part of the Leon High School Honors and Gifted Externship program.

Externship classes are offered to Leon High School’s college-bound seniors, and it provides students with a chance to experience a career field of their choice and a sense of what they want to study in college with professionals in the field.

At Leon High School, externships are open to incoming seniors who have a 3.0 GPA and have taken AP or gifted classes. The externship is offered during the student’s sixth period and only accepts a student who is responsible, self-disciplined, and highly-motivated in the program. Students are free to attend their externship Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at a minimum of 3 hours per week. For the College, this externship will provide practical, pharmacy experiences that could not be generated within the confines of a high school classroom.  

 Chauncy said he was excited about the program and learn a lot about the FAMU CoPPS. Chauncy was assigned to Dr. Marlon Honeywell, Executive Associate Dean, and Professor, to arrange and facilitate dynamic experiences in a variety of realms in the College. Over the past three months, Chauncy attended executive council and faculty meetings; participated in diverse discussions regarding the curriculum, policies, and procedures, and accreditation; visited a FAMU community pharmacy, and worked in a laboratory with Dr. Renee Reams, professor of pharmaceutical sciences and one of the primary investigators for a U-54 grant from the National Institute of Health.

As sponsors, Dean Early and Dr. Honeywell plan to attend a meet-and-greet activity with Chauncy in December at Leon County High School.

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