Lee Awarded 2016/17 Researcher of the Year
10 Jul

Lee Awarded 2016/17 Researcher of the Year

Dr. Eunsook Lee was awarded the 2016/17 Researcher of the Year in April of this year for her outstanding research. Eunsook Lee, Ph.D. joined Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in July 2016 as a professor in Pharmacology and Toxicology, specializing in Neuropharmacology and Neurotoxicology. Her research has focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of astrocytic 
glutamate transporters (GLAST and GLT-1) associated with neurodegeneration and neuroprotection. In addition, Dr. Lee’s lab is also investigating neuroprotective agents via enhancing astrocytic glutamate transporters, using epigenetic modulators such as valproic acid, estrogens and selective estrogen receptor modulators such as tamoxifen and raloxifen. 
These research activities are supported by research grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health through an earlier 5-year SC1 grant as well as her current RO1 grant.  Join us as we congratulate Dr. Lee on her recent accomplishments and look forward to more of her outstanding research in the near future.

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