Academic Advisor List

Name Phone Email To Schedule Appointment
Marvin Scott                                                                      Assistant Dean for Student Services  (850) 599-3060 Click Here
Nichole Jefferson                                                       Administrative Assistant, Coordinator Student Services (850) 561-2671 Click Here
Nancy Brown                                                          Coordinator & Crestview Liaison                           Academic Advisor – P1 – P4 (850) 599-3343 Click Here
Jeronica Higdon                                                             Tampa Coordinator                                                     Student Services Academic Advisor (P4) (813) 975-4211 Click Here
Patricia Lamb                                                            Crestview Coordinator & Crestview                       Academic Advisor P1 –P4 (850) 689-7919 Click Here
D'Arcie Lennard                                                        Crestview Coordinator & Crestview                        Academic Advisor P1 –P4 (850) 689-4007 Click Here
Lori Mobley                                                                        Davie (Miami)  Program Assistant                              Student Services  Academic Advisor (P4) (954) 376-6142 Click Here
Anthony Norton                                                   Coordinator, Student Services                               Academic Advisor (PP1 – PP2) (850) 599-8616 Click Here
Debora L. Taylor                                                      Coordinator, Student Services                                   Director CARE Program                                             Academic Advisor (PP1 – PP2) (850) 599-3740 Click Here
Tera Waldo                                                              Coordinator, Student Services                                Academic Advisor (P1 – P4) (850) 561-2077 Click Here
Sharon White                                                             Jacksonville Administrative Assistant                      Student Services Academic Advisor (P4) (904) 391-3905 Click Here
Leshi Wyche                                                          Coordinator, Student Services                                Academic Advisor (P1 – P4) (850) 412-7664 Click Here

Student Scholarships

A scholarship in the amount of $2,000 presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, communication skills and an interest in retail community pharmacy practice.

A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 presented to a student who is humble, honest, unselfish and assists his classmates and the College in any way possible. Endowment provided by the late Mr. Alonzo Echols, a FAMU pharmacy graduate.

A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 presented to a student who is humble, honest, unselfish and assists his classmates and the College in any way possible. Endowment provided by the late Mr. Elmer Rouhlac, a FAMU pharmacy graduate.

A scholarship in the amount of $1,000 presented to a student who has demonstrated an interest in the practice of the profession while maintaining a strong interest in community service to the University and College. Endowment provided by Dr. Will Harris, a pharmacist and physician in Tampa, Florida.

A scholarship in the amount of $500 presented to two students who attended high school in Calhoun or Jackson counties. Given in the memory of the late Raymond Fry, former student, in the College of Pharmacy from Vernon, Florida.

Two $500 scholarships presented to two students who have demonstrated interest in leadership within the profession of pharmacy and have maintained an active role in pharmacy organizations. Endowment provided by Dr. Ramona McCarthy-Hawkins, a Maryland Board of Pharmacy member.

The PharMor award is presented to a graduating pharmacy student who has demonstrated leadership and dedication to the pharmacy profession.

A $1,000 scholarship presented to a student who is a full-time student years P1-P3 with a grade point average of C or better, and currently employed in community pharmacy. Preference is given to Kmart associates and family.

The Dr. Nicki N. Beasley Award honors the late Dr. Beasley, a former adjunct professor at FAMU and Leon County Principal. This award is presented to a resident of Gadsden County who demonstrates academic excellence in the Pharmacy Program.

This $500 scholarship award was established to provide academic and need bases scholarships to students admitted to the College of Pharmacy. Mr. Fletcher L. Gibson dedicated his life to training and transforming the minds of young men and women from FAMU and other universities to become the nation’s “change agents” in the profession of pharmacy.

  • Scholarships shall be awarded to students entering and accepted into the P1 year in the FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Preference shall be awarded to students who graduated from Joe E. Newsome High School, Durant High School, Bloomingdale High Schools, a graduate from Hillsborough County Public Schools, and any graduate from the state of Florida.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 during the P1, P2 and P3 years to continue receiving this award.
  • A maximum of three scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each shall be made each semester to students who meet and continue to meet the eligibility requirements. If the cumulative GPA of 3.5 has been maintained since entering the P1 year, the recipient could receive a total of six awards (six semesters) totaling $9,000.

Student be enrolled in the professional pharmacy program GPA 2.8 or better Florida residence

The Ambitious College Graduate (ACG)Scholarship Award is designed to recognize a deserving FAMU Doctor of Pharmacy candidate that is in good standing with the University, meets the outlined criteria and aspires to use her Pharm.D. Degree in a non-traditional setting, potentially impacting healthcare on a regional, national or global scale. The female recipient must be a current pharmacy P3 student matriculating to P4, a verified minimum 3.0 GPA and updated curriculum vitae. The candidate selection should reflect Academic Excellence (demonstrated evidence of high academic achievement), Leadership Potential (demonstrated persistence and determination in the pursuit of her pharmacy career goals) and Campus/Community Service Involvement (documented campus / community services activities).

Upon meeting the full criteria of the ACG Scholarship Award the candidate will receive a $3,000 scholarship via COPPS, a plaque, a $100 Visa gift card and networking opportunities with ACG Donors.