NMR Facility

The NMR Facility provides instrumentation and technical assistance for obtaining NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) spectra for liquid samples. This facility supports the drug discovery research and other chemical, biochemical researches to monitor chemical reactions, identify / elucidate chemical structures, and to determine purity of synthetic products. This facility also provides basic training for graduate students and undergraduate students both in the college of pharmacy and in the chemistry department on how to use the instrument to meet their research / experimental needs, as well as the requirements for medicinal chemistry or organic chemistry courses.

Specific Services:

  1. Standard1-D Hydrogen spectra, liquid samples;
  2. Standard 1-D Carbon spectra, including APT, DEPT, liquid samples;
  3. Homo 2-D experiments, COSY, etc;
  4. Hetero 2-D experiments, HETCOR, etc;
  5. Special observation of 15N, 31P, 19F spectrum (with advance schedule).
  6. Special experiments under Temperature from -80 oC to 200 oC (with advance schedule).

Equipment:  The facility has one Varian NMR Spectrometer system, Mercury plus 300 MHz Spectrometer system, with ATB (Automation Triple-Resonance Broadband) PFG (Pulsed Field Gradient) probe, Carousel autosampler and software VNMRJ 2.2D.

The facility recent acquired the Bruker Avance III HD 600 high performance digital NMR system with SmartProbe which capable observing 15N, 31P, 19F, 1H, and 13C and BSVT which allowing experiments at Temperature from -80 oC to 200 oC.

Staff: The NMR Facility will be operated by Dr. Wang Zhang, faculty manager (wang.zhang@famu.edu) (850-412-5356). He will be responsible for maintenances and coordinate the routine usage of the instrument among individual users, and providing technical assistance to requested operators.

Fees: We charge $7.50 for each hydrogen spectrum; $15.00 for each carbon spectrum ($20 to $30 for diluting sample which requires extended scan). Special experiments with other nuclear or under non-room temperature will charge extra fees determined by the time required for the service.