Microarray Facility


The goal of the Microarray Facility within the Molecular Resources Core at Florida A&M University (FAMU) is to establish research infrastructure to investigate various aspects of disease pathologies that are associated with profile changes in the global genomic transcriptome.  The facility core provides a full service microarray facility utilizing the Affymetrix GeneChip platform.

Specific Services:

The Microarray facility processes RNA from tissue or cells for hybridization required for transcriptome (mRNA or non-coding miRNA ) analysis using the power of Affymetrix microarrays.  These services enable whole-genome human, mouse, rat, and model organism expression analysis. In house services include:   RNA isolation, quality control, sample prep , amplification, fragmentation   terminal-labeling, hybridization and final distribution of cel files. We can also assist with analysis using diverse analytic platforms such as partek or transcription expression console/ analysis by Affymetrix .


Affymetrix Gene Atlas / with applications for microRNA and Non-coding RNA Analysis: Array strips

Affymetrix® Array Strips for the GeneAtlas® System

  • Affymetrix® 3’ IVT Array Strips for the GeneAtlas® System for human, mouse, and rat whole-genome expression analysis (GeneChip® Human Genome U133, Human Genome U219,MG-430 PM, and RG-230 PM Arrays).
  • Affymetrix® Gene 1.1 ST Array Strips for whole-transcriptome analysis of human, mouse, rat, and a wide range of model and applied research organisms. Capabilities include RNA isolation, quality control, global expression profiling . transcriptome profiling for various organisms
  • Affymetrix@ miRNA array strips for diverse organisms and species are also available.


Please contact the facility to discuss any planned microarray projects. Elizabeth Mazzio, elizabethmazzio@yahoo.com , phone 850 694 5127


Price per sample includes: RNA isolation, quality control, sample preparation, amplification, fragmentation and terminal-labeling, hybridization and analysis $425.00