Epigenetics Facility


The epigenetics facility provides investigators with the tools and guidance to further understand molecular events associated with epigenetic modifications. The facility provides FAMU faculty with the most advanced techniques in epigenetic research. The management team (Dr. Renee Reams) ensures that desired goals and objectives are accomplished using available resources efficiently and effectively

Specific Services:

(1) Bisulfite-based DNA methylation sequencing,  Global 5-mC Quantification, Methylation-Specific PCR (2) Chromatin Biochemistry/Histone Modifications, Genome-wide chromatin immune precipitation sequencing, ChIP Quantitative PCR Service (ChIP-qPCR),   ChIP-on-chip  (3) Ribosomal function, lamin organization and localization; (4) Global miRNA epigenetic expression profiling;   (5)  Histone modification enzyme : drug screening. Target Modifications: HDAC1, HDAC2, DNMT1, DNMT3A, EZH2 and (6) Histone Mark Profiling,  Modifications: total histone H3, total histone H4, H3K9, H3K14, H3K18, H3K23, H3K56, H4K5, H4K8, H4K12, H4K16 Histone Methylation Profiling Target Modifications: H3K4, H3K9, H3K27, H3K36, H3K79, H3R2, H3R17, H4R3.


Core Equipment needed to carry out these services include a basic Affymetrix Gene Atlas, Biotek Multi-mode spectrophotometer, Tak 3 nanodrop plate and Biorad- CFX96™ Touch System, used for Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP)  to identify genetic targets of DNA binding proteins by  ChIP-qPCR (chromatin immunoprecipitation quantitative PCR)  or ChIP-on-chip as well as diverse ELISAS and kinetic histone enzyme modification activities.


Please contact either Dr. Reams,   renee.reams@famu.edu  850-561-2672 or Dr. Elizabeth Mazzio: elizabethmazzio@yahoo.com 850-694-5127 to discuss your research project goals and service options.


miRNA global transcription profiling: human , mouse and rat – Price per sample $425 this includes: RNA isolation, quality control, sample preparation, amplification, hybridization and analysis $425.00 .

Customized project costs will be determined on a case by case basis: TBA