Selina Darling-Reed, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Associate Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences
LOCATION: Tallahassee, Dyson Room 201
PHONE: 850-561-2786
Dr. Selina Darling-Reed, Associate Professor, Pharmacology/Toxicology, primary research focus is on the use of food constituents especially garlic organosulfides (OSCs; diallyl sulfide, diallyl disulfide and diallyl trisulfide) as cancer preventive and alternative therapies against breast cancer. In addition, her research lab has an interest in breast cancer as a health disparity and the role of environmental chemicals in conjunction with genetic, dietary, lifestyle hormonal, occupational and socioeconomic factors in the initiation and metastatic aggressiveness of breast cancer in the African American (AA) females. In vitro models, including MCF-10A breast epithelial cells pre- and co-treated with garlic OSCs along with benzo(a)pyrene, an ubiquitous environmental carcinogen with the ability to initiate, promote and cause progression of breast cancer, have been used to demonstrate the chemo-preventive effects of OSCs (induced DNA repair). More recently studies in Dr. Darling-Reed’s lab involve the treatment of Triple Negative Caucasian American and AA breast cancer cells (TNBCs) with these OSCs in the presence and absence of environmental carcinogens (including mixtures) to determine if these compounds have any effect on certain pathways associated with metastasis and progression. Breast cancer prevention through dietary and lifestyle changes may help to alleviate some of the observed disparities among different ethnic populations. This research has been funded by the NIH-NIMHD RCMI Program and NIH-NIMHD COE P20 Grant.

Research Interest
  • Breast Cancer

  • Molecular Biology