Edward Agyare, MS, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Pharmaceutics
LOCATION: Tallahassee, Dyson Room 228
EMAIL: edward.agyare@famu.edu
PHONE: 850-599-3581
Research interest is primarily on the development of novel drug delivery systems that have the capacity to improve the transport of diagnostic agents and active drugs cross biological barriers. The lab focuses on the: i) design, formulation and evaluation of drug delivery systems such as liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles and microspheres that have the ability to deliver anticancer drugs to pancreatic and colorectal cancers, ii) concept of pharmaceutically acceptable multifunctionalized nanoparticles for optimizing the interactions with living systems in the context of targeted applications, iii) molecular level to gain a better understanding of the relationships between surface properties of delivery systems and their abilities to interact in the body, iv) develop nanoparticle-based molecular imaging probes to facilitate image-guided therapy and, v) identify means to sensitize tumors to radiation therapy using metallic nanoparticles to generate radiation dose-enhancement and/or hyperthermia.

Research Interest
  • Nanomedicine

  • Drug Delivery

  • Radiation Therapy