Director of Professional Development Services

James L. Moran, Jr., PhD., is Director of Professional Development Services. He is directly responsible for the professional development and outcome assessment driven towards the successful employment of graduates; assigned to Develop and maintain protocols for personal and professional development for Doctor of Pharmacy students to be consistent with Personal and Professional Development Standards (Standard 4) for ACPE 2016 Standards; responsible for the Development of the student portfolio process via PharmAcademics for P1-P4 students; He Design and coordinates the Professional Pharmacy Forum sequences for Fall and Spring Terms for P1-P3 students to be consistent with ACPE Standards relative to professional development, entrepreneurship; Ensure 60% of speakers in Forum comprised of entrepreneurs and health professionals external to the university to provide industry perspectives for new pharmacists; He Chair the Professional Career Fair activities with various companies for student recruitment; He Serve as liaison between College and Alumni relative to events, mentorship and related programs to bridge the student body to the Pharmacy Alumni organizations; He Maintain databases of alumni to provide career network opportunities for students and to communicate college news and successes to the alumni; He Develops and publish the annual PharmD magazine as a principal mode of communication between the College, alumni and stakeholders; Responsible for the Development of outcome measures to assess success of professional career activities designed and evaluated by the Office of Assessment in COPPS; He Provide required reports to the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) relative to Standard 4 as required in Self-Study as required; and Provide other duties as required.

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Telephone: (850) 599-3827

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