Doctor of Pharmacy – Master of Business Administration (PharmD – MBA)
The Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the School of Business and Industry collaboratively offer a dual degree program leading to the conferral of the Doctor of Pharmacy and the Master of Business Administration degrees. This program is a unique partnership and collaboration that combines a tradition of excellence in pharmacy and business. Since careers in pharmacy often require both clinical and business knowledge, the PharmD/MBA program will prepare students for competitive management and administrative positions.

Applicants to the dual degree program must first be admitted to the FAMU College of Pharmacy. An applicant must meet the requirements of the FAMU COPPS and the graduate admissions requirements of the School of Business and Industry. Applicants to the pharmacy professional program (PharmD) must apply before the February 1 application deadline. All students applying for the dual degree program must attain a minimum grade point average of 3.25/4.00 and complete the prerequisite courses prior to admission. Applicants will also be required to participate in a formal interview process. Prior to admission, all applicants must successfully complete the GMAT exam; a minimum of 1100 points is required using the following formula: GPA over the last 60 hours X200 + GMAT score.

Program of Study:
The dual degree program can be completed within seven years with the PharmD awarded first followed by the MBA. The dual degree program curriculum consists of 280 hours of coursework – 101 undergraduate hours and 179 graduate and professional hours. Students enrolled in the dual degree program must satisfy both the curricular and graduation requirements of the FAMU College of Pharmacy and the School of Business and Industry. Foundational courses for both the PharmD and the MBA have been integrated within the pre-professional (freshman and sophomore) years of undergraduate study and must be completed prior to applying to the joint degree program. Students who elect to withdraw from the dual degree program can still graduate with the PharmD degree provided graduation requirements are satisfied.

Dual Degree Program Curriculum
Dual Degree Program Curriculumpdf_icon_small

For more information about this program, please contact:
Dr. Marvin Scott, Assistant Dean for Student Services
Office: (850) 599-3016
Email: marvin.scott@famu.edu