On-Line Drug Information Resources
In order to obtain this privilege, the preceptor must get a FAMU ID card.

  • This requires the courtesy faculty appointment
  • This requires the preceptor to submit his/her social security number to the Office of Professional Experience Programs which will submit it to the Rattler Card Office which will issue the official FAMU ID card. This personal information must be in the University system because in order to access the resources remotely through the library, the last four digits of the SSN must be input to gain this access.)
  • Once you obtain your non-pictured FAMU ID card, you will need to e-mail Ms. Priscilla Henry (priscilla.henry@famu.edu) in our main library. Identify yourself as a Pharmacy courtesy faculty member and send her the Library number that is on your ID card. She will facilitate your online access from this point.