The role of the pharmacist in the 21st century is no longer the traditional one of dispensing and distributing drugs, as the pharmacist of today is an integral part of the health care team. He/she collaborates with physicians, other health care professionals, patients, and/or their caregivers to formulate a pharmaceutical care plan. It is through the delivery of pharmaceutical care, that the pharmacist can effectively manage the medication related issues pertaining to the patient’s overall disease state. Consequently, the pharmacist is better able to resolve or prevent medication related problems.

The pharmacist of the 21st century also delivers pharmaceutical information and health education to health professionals and to the general public at large. This same pharmacist is also actively involved in helping people stay healthy by promoting public awareness of health and disease. This is done through wellness, immunization, and early detection programs. It is, therefore, essential within the context of the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum that the student is well educated in the knowledge of drugs, disease states and the relationships between these two, as well as health and wellness issues. In addition to this knowledge base, he/she must be capable of sharing this information with the patient, caregivers, as well as other health care professionals, and the general public at large, when appropriate. It is by practicing in the clinical setting that such expertise will be developed and mastered.

To fulfill the mission of the Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences for pharmacy graduates, the goal of the College is set forth as the following:

To prepare pharmacy graduates with the integrity, attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities, to become highly qualified pharmacists. These graduates will work with patients and other health care providers to screen for, prevent, and resolve medication-related problems, as well as provide health promotion, disease prevention and disease- management services.

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience should avail these and many other learning opportunities to the student.