A. Jeanine Nelson Administrative Assistant, Title III Coordinator
Office of the Dean
Aaron Hilliard, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Antonio J. Carrion, PharmD, MPH, AAHIVP Assistant Professor
Pharmacy Practice
Askal Ali, PhD Assistant Professor
Economic, Social, and Administrative Pharmacy
Brenda G. Arnold Assistant Director, Academic Support Services
COPPS Research Administration Office
Bridgette Israel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Bryan Lewis, Ph.D. Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
Carl Goodman, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Professor
Cassandra Anderson Project Manager
Center for Research Education and Training Enhancement (CREATE)
Charles E. Weaver II Coordinator, Students Affairs
Pharmacy Practice
Clinton Cunningham III Pharmacy Manager, Student Health Services
Tallahassee Pharmacy Practice
Crystal J. Bryant Coordinator, Research Programs
Office of Graduate Programs
Cynthia R. Hall, Pharm.D., JD Chair/Director
Center for Interprofessional Education, Law, and Health Ethics
Dr. Ramesh B. Badisa Research Associate
Dr. Vakaramoko Diaby Assistant Professor
Economic, Social, and
Administrative Pharmacy
Edward Agyare, MS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Ellen S. Campbell, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Division Director
Economic, Social & Administrative Pharmacy
Hernan Flores-Rozas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
John Cooperwood, Ph.D. Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
Leola M. Cleveland Administrative Assistant
Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education
Marge Dunn Administrative Assistant
Academic Affairs
Nazarius Lamango, Ph.D. Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
Renee Reams, Ph.D., BA Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
Selina Darling-Reed, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Seth Ablordeppey, Ph.D. Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
Sharon A. Arradondo Coordinator, Bridges to the Baccalaureate in the Biomedical Sciences
Basic Sciences
Shirley Garrett Coordinator, Administrative Services
Clinical and Administrative Services
Suresh Eyunni Director of Molecular Modeling Laboratory
Drug Discovery Core
Syretta L. Tilghman, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Tiffany Ardley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
Tracy S. Allen Program Assistant
Varonia Walker Office Assistant, Administrative Services
Office of the Dean
Verretta Young Coordinator, Administrative Services
Office of the Dean