Greensboro Latino Project ~ Greensboro, FL
March 2015 to Present
Dr. Lopez and her team administered surveys to the Hispanic community within the city of Greensboro, FL (which is outside of Tallahassee) with the goal of assessing the health status and giving them resources as well as health perspectives within the community. This survey took place from March – June of 2015 and the results are being calculated.

National Diabetes Prevention Program ~ Tallahassee, FL
July 2015 to Present
Dr. Kirksey was certified from the CDC within the area of Diabetes.  As a result, he has started a 16 week session with current FAMU employees to help with healthy eating and starting physical activity.  This started in July of 2015 and is ongoing.  He will start a second cohort in Sept of 2015.
Bond/Neighborhood Community Centers
CHE assist both centers with FAMU’s Pharmacy and Public Health students.  This partnership with the college and the centers is great for both sides.  The students are gaining valuable work experience within the healthcare field, while the citizens at these centers are receiving first class medical care.


Women and Condoms Project ~ Tallahassee, FL
Fall Term 2016
The Women and Condom Project is partnering with the Florida Dept. of Health. This project will focus on how men perceive women who have their own condoms.  Is it acceptable for women to have one condom or what if the female have several condoms?   Will this change the perception of her from a male view point?  These are some of the questions that will be asked.  We will start this project very soon in the spring term of 2016.

1st Annual Global Healthcare Security Conference ~ Tampa, FL
In Tampa, FL, we will have our 1st Annual International Global Healthcare Conference.  This conference will focus on a variety of health care issues and/or diseases from African countries and within the States.  We are expecting participants around the world to attend this event.

1st Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Healthcare Student Summit ~ Daytona Beach, FL
FAMU and Bethune Cookman University (BCU) are planning to host the 1st Annual HBCU Healthcare Student Summit that will be located in Daytona Beach, FL. This is a joint partnership between FAMU and BCU. This event will focus on healthcare issues as they relate to our minority students from HBCU’s.   We are expecting 60 participants from FAMU, BCU, Edward Waters College (EWC) and Florida Memorial University (FMU) to attend this event.