Vision Statement

To create and sustain a center that positions the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to develop strategies and provide solutions that will eliminate health inequalities through research, education and community interventions-locally, nationally and globally.

Mission Statement

  • To develop and evaluate models of care intended to promote health equity in underserved populations within the State of Florida, nationally and globally that are translational in nature;
  • To become an educational training center to strengthen the workforce capable of identifying problems and evaluating health care in order to reduce or eliminate health inequalities experienced in the underserved;
  • To demonstrate through research the importance of interprofessional alliances in eliminating health inequities; and
  • To offer interprofessional courses through the COPPS that will serve as electives for undergraduate and graduate students in order to equip them in the medical, biomedical and social sciences to ascertain their roles in reducing health care disparities seen in underserved patients.