Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Degree Program


The Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences is offering a four-year Bachelor of Sciences degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) with subject areas in biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, and pharmacoeconomics.  The BSPS degree program is designed for students who wish to pursue technical positions in industrial, academic, or other research environments within the areas of drug discovery, development, and commercialization.  It also prepares learners to enter professional or graduate school in pharmacy, medicine, and pharmaceutical sciences. As the degree has its own level of academic rigor and is offered in a health professions college its standing among those who evaluate graduate or professional degree applicants is higher than most BS degrees.  In fact, BSPS learners who take pharmacology elevate their potential for all applicable graduate degrees, including medicine.

As new innovations are being developed in drug therapy, medication production, and drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical sciences graduates will be in great demand.  Targeted industries that will require BS level pharmaceutical sciences skills include pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, food, and beverage manufacturing, biomedical and bioscience, testing laboratories, and technical consulting services.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, learners will have knowledge and skills to:

  • Be prepared to critically think, analyze and solve problems in the pharmaceutical sciences;
  • Communicate verbally and in writing with members of the scientific community;
  • Demonstrate a thorough grasp of fundamental knowledge and understanding of pharmaceutical concepts and be capable of integration of such topics; and
  • Embrace scientific ethics as exemplified by faculty and outlined in NIH Guidelines for Conduct of Research.

For more information about the BSPS program, please contact Tiffany Ardley, PhD, at (850) 599-3774 or

BSPS Curriculum 7.16.20